Our Initiatives

Ebola in West Africa

The issue:  Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia suffered the largest ebola epidemic in history.  These West African communities were being hammered by Ebola as a result of already-strained healthcare systems, mistrust of healthcare workers and fear and stigmatization of those infected.

One major aspect to halting the epidemic was to ensure that healthcare workers, patients, and the public received accurate information that dispelled myths, promoted prevention methods and outlined resources for those affected by Ebola.

Solution:  Africa United Against Ebola

We partnered with the CDC Foundation, the actor Idris Elba, footballers Yaya Touré, Kei Kamara  and a global team of African soccer stars, international health organizations and corporations to launch Africa United Against Ebola.  Elba and a team of West African soccer stars appeared in public service announcements (PSAs). The first PSA, titled “We’ve Got Your Back,” was aimed at engendering solidarity for healthcare workers who were on the front lines working to protect the public from Ebola. Other PSAs conveyed important Ebola prevention messages which were coordinated with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention staff in West Africa.