Our Approach

We have a proven, trademarked methodology to incite change.

Recruiting Influencers

We recruit cultural icons – political leaders, artists, athletes, entertainers, and faith leaders – who act as megaphones for progress on access. Some of our leading voices have included former President of Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete, international entertainer Youssou n’Dour and footballer YaYa Touré. These iconic figures become the symbols and motivators for action around particular issues. They bring outsized attention to policy issues. Because of their influence and popularity, the messages delivered by these influencers carry particular weight.

Electrifying Mass Media Campaigns

Utilizing the star power of our influencers, the Access Challenge designs and delivers massive, high-profile media campaigns. We refer to them as “Surround Sound” campaigns since our messages permeate every available media platform – including television, radio, print, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SMS, flyers, and billboards. This all-encompassing approach works to hammer home the messages on multiple levels to multiple audiences.

Individuals see their favorite celebrities and cultural icons explain a particular issue and recommend action. Armed with knowledge, these individuals seek appropriate diagnosis, prevention and treatment. They create pressure on local government officials to make essential commodities accessible.

Local leaders are made aware of access issues, and have to respond to requests for action from their constituents. The more pressure applied by their constituents, the more likely they are to act/change.

Local, regional and national leaders, as they become aware of a particular issues through campaigns, and as they begin to feel grassroots pressure, make policy commitments and are ultimately held accountable for the conduct/change called for by the campaign.

By hitting the issue on so many levels, The Access Challenge ignites a chain reaction of information sharing, empowerment, and mobilization.

Leader-to-Leader Advocacy

Universal access to education and health services is most often driven by global, regional and local policies. Very often national policy change in one or in many countries is needed to order to ensure such universal access.

In order to effectuate tangible change, we partner with leading policy advocates in order to build a technical case for and to achieve consensus on needed policy change. We then partner with leading influencers (including political leaders, CEOs of major corporations and cultural leaders) in order to work on needed policy reform at the national or African Union level.

Creating Leadership and Accountability Platforms

Our high profile, media-saturated events present opportunities for political leaders to make policy commitments alongside celebrity influencers. Because the events are so widely publicized and watched, the messages and promises are etched in the public’s mind. These events serve as important accountability mechanisms for political leaders.